First Round Interview: Bubba Watson & Harold Varner III
December 7, 2018

Q. When you guys were out there, we saw probably more commentary back and forth between you two than any other group. So tell us a little bit of the dynamic. It seemed like there was a little bit of maybe a debate going on?

BUBBA WATSON: No, it was good, it was funny. We're just trying to have fun. I mean, the whole event is about beating Tony and Lexi.

HAROLD VARNER III: I like this step right here.

BUBBA WATSON: You look tall right now.

And the best part about it is -- I'm going to change up subjects, this is what we did on the golf course -- you outdrove her every hole.

HAROLD VARNER III: I know, I was pretty pumped. I was a little nervous, I hit one kind of bad and I thought she was going to outdrive me. But once that got by me, I was good to go the rest of the day.

BUBBA WATSON: That first hole, when she roped it off the first hole, she hammered it off the first hole -- we change all subjects here -- she hammered it off the first hole, he goes, "Oh, gosh."

HAROLD VARNER III: I was so nervous.

BUBBA WATSON: No. 9, No. 9, she hit a good one on 9. You were like, "Oh, my gosh, she outdrove me."

HAROLD VARNER III: I mean, I'm surprised she didn't. She hits it really well.

BUBBA WATSON: I'm not going to drop any names, but we have a text from the Presidents Cup captain that said, "How many times did Lexi outdrive Harold?"

HAROLD VARNER III: What a nice guy.

BUBBA WATSON: That's the captain you want to play for.

HAROLD VARNER III: Yeah, exactly.

BUBBA WATSON: Exactly. No names, but if you all know who the captain is.

Q. Any other text messages from said captain?

BUBBA WATSON: No. There's a couple other players that may have sent some texts, but captain, we'll bring up him.

Q. Did you get any texts?

HAROLD VARNER III: No, I didn't get any texts.

BUBBA WATSON: He turned his phone off.

HAROLD VARNER III: I got some good texts from my boys last night, but I'm going to keep those to myself.

BUBBA WATSON: What we talked about today, you know, we were talking about putts, different shots. He's been working on some stuff, so we were trying to get him to aim more right because all of his shots were just a little draw to them, so that's what we were talking about, joking about.


BUBBA WATSON: We were just trying to have fun out there. We missed some putts. We actually played really well, but we missed some putts on the front nine. It was a good day. We just kept talking about that, if we can just somehow birdie in, and we came close on the back nine to try to birdie in. It was a good day.

Q. How about modified alternate shot tomorrow, what are you seeing playing out there?

HAROLD VARNER III: I see a lot of good stuff happening. I've never played it, so we'll figure it out when we get out there.

Q. The two of you, you better start talking.

HAROLD VARNER III: I am talking. What am I supposed to say? "I think I'm going to play terrible tomorrow," who would ever say that?

Q. The two of you played together at the Northern Trust.



Q. That's how this whole group came about

HAROLD VARNER III: It was all Bubba.

Q. What have you learned about his creativity and the way he sees the game, shaping shots? What stood out to you today in the scramble format?

HAROLD VARNER III: He hits it really far when I hit it in play, but whenever I'm not in play, he like hits this little cut and just gets it in play. So tomorrow I need to get in play a little bit more.

Q. Was there any time that he was trying to convince you to take his line even though you saw no lines to the hole that way?

HAROLD VARNER III: He doesn't ever see any lines.

BUBBA WATSON: First of all, why -- my wedge game was on point today.

HAROLD VARNER III: Mine was, too. I had wedges --

BUBBA WATSON: He did ask me one time, he did ask me, he said, "Do you practice your wedges?" I said, "No." He goes, "What?" I said -- I said, "Ask Teddy."

Hey, everybody, look, Justin Thomas.

Q. Oh, hi, Justin Thomas. We're doing an interview. Do you have any commentary on Harold Varner's drives?

JUSTIN THOMAS (via phone): Bubba, he's a great person, I just really like Bubba. He's a great golfer, his candy's good.

BUBBA WATSON: What about Harold? Got anything about Harold?

HAROLD VARNER III: What are you doing, JT?

JUSTIN THOMAS (via phone): Hey, what's up, HV? How’d you guys play today?

BUBBA WATSON: Great. We got beat.

HAROLD VARNER III: Lexi didn't outdrive me, though.