Final Round Interview: Harold Varner III & Bubba Watson
December 9, 2018

Q. You guys went low today. Of course this format, you would expect that, but you finished with an eagle and then a birdie by your partner. We had a little bit of weather on the front nine. How did you put a round like this together?

HAROLD VARNER III: A lot of things went our way. We got it going a little bit on the front. First few holes he made an eagle, kept us going. Chipped in on 9, and then we finished strong. It was a lot of fun, though. Great cause and just excited to be here.

Q. Exciting is an understatement because the two of you must be the most animated group. You're really subdued right now, but earlier in the week you guys were totally living it up. So tell me about a little text message you got earlier in the week from Tiger Woods.

BUBBA WATSON: I didn't get one from Tiger Woods, I got it from the Presidents Cup captain. He texted me about how many times that Lexi outdrove him. What a thrill and honor. I mean, you've got to think about her ability, what she did. When she played with us, I mean, her irons were on point, she was bombing it out there, she was making all the putts. It was unbelievable to play with her.

HAROLD VARNER III: She was carrying Tony.

BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, definitely carrying Tony. Tony was lucky to have her. I would have definitely switched for her, she played so good.

HAROLD VARNER III: He said he would have won if he had Lexi.

BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, definitely. The first two days you weren't there. You were fighting a little cold there, a man cold, right?

HAROLD VARNER III: 11th hole, I was like, man, if we had tried this hard the first two days, we would have been right up there.

BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, on the 7th hole today, he goes, man, if I had tried the first two days, he goes, man, we'd be winning this thing. I was like, that's why we're never playing again, because you weren't trying the first two days.

HAROLD VARNER III: So we had a great time.

BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, we really enjoyed each other.

Q. Did you guys have some kind of secret handshake going on out there?

HAROLD VARNER III: Yeah, so at the beginning of the week we  I just do the simple boom, boom, and he's like, man, you've got to blow it up. So like if I don't blow it up, he's like, I'm not bringing that back.

BUBBA WATSON: So we had to redo it a couple times, a couple mulligans out there on the handshake.

HAROLD VARNER III: We needed some mulligans on the course, but we hung in there.