First Round Interview: Pat Perez & Kyle Stanley
December 7, 2018

Q. Talk about teamwork, Ashley's doing the heavy lifting this week. What's it been like for you being a new dad?

PAT PEREZ: It's been amazing. Actually, it's been incredible. You know, my girl Piper, she's making us laugh, we're having a blast. Ash and I are really having fun. It's an amazing experience obviously. It really is a miracle and she's making us laugh. Ashley's been -- yeah, she's been a rock and she's doing an incredible job.

Q. It's so nice to see you so happy. Kyle, you had quite the PGA TOUR season last year. You're continuing to build off of that momentum. In what ways did your game build the most?

KYLE STANLEY: I'm just getting a little more consistent overall. I've been hitting it pretty well here for a few years, and short game's starting to come around. You know, I feel like everything's in a pretty good spot. Yeah, just continuing to work hard and like where we're at, for sure.

Q. And we just saw you at a team event at the World Cup of Golf in Australia a couple weeks ago. How did the two of you come to be as a team? We've got to know this.

PAT PEREZ: Somebody just put us together. I've known Kyle for a long time, he lived in Scottsdale for a little bit and we got to hang out there. Obviously he's been playing fantastic, so I was pretty excited to have him as a partner.

Q. He's definitely the more vocal one on the team. What do you enjoy most about playing with him?

KYLE STANLEY: Well, I'm pretty quiet and he's not. You know, I guess they say opposites attract. We had a really good time out there. He provides a ton of entertainment for our group. A lot of golf out there, but a lot of laughs as well. Yeah, he's a really fun partner, we had a really good time.