Final Round Interview: Brian Harman & Patton Kizzire
December 9, 2018

DOUG MILNE: Welcome to the 2018 winners of the QBE Shootout, Patton Kizzire, Brian Harman. Congratulations, you guys. Scores of 59, 66 and 61, 30 under, good enough to get the job done. Obviously the eagle at 17 was pivotal today. If we could just get a couple comments on the team together; obviously you meshed well. Just a few comments from each of all in the victory.

PATTON KIZZIRE: Well, yeah, it was  we really had to weather the storm today literally. Brian was consistent all week and was really consistent today when I needed him the most. I was a little sporadic out there and he kept us in it there on the front nine. Then right there at the turn we kind of caught a little mojo and made some birdies, and we really just kept playing well and both had really good eagle looks on 17 and I just happened to putt first. We both putted well all week and I'm glad I had a partner there on the last. Like I said, he was there when I needed him the whole week, so it was fun.

BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, Patton's a real easy guy to play with. We've been buddies since we were 12, we meshed well, and like he said, we both putted really well. I think the key was that we both made a couple crucial par putts that were kind of turning point parts of the round every day, and I think that's what held us over.

Q. They say that the key for that format is to both be in the hole, give yourself two chances at birdie, but I say that wasn't really the case on the front nine?

BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, we all kind of  we did not act like professionals, our whole group, on No. 7 today. And then 8, I don't think I hit it on landon 8 this whole week. I put Patton in some tough spots, he put me in some tough spots, but we're always there to bail each other and that's what the difference was.

Q. Not to belabor the obvious, but you're quite the contrast, the point guard and the post player here. What was the funniest thing that you heard from the fans, if you heard any comments from the fans, on the height differential?

BRIAN HARMAN: I didn't hear any.

Q. He's laughing, he heard something.

PATTON KIZZIRE: No, the fans took it easy on us this week. No, I just can't say enough about how consistent he was and how much he bailed me out. Man, he was just  he would stripe it down the fairway on every hole and then made it easy on me. No. 8 was a little dicey.

BRIAN HARMAN: We didn't do well on 8 today.

Q. Can you describe that, what happened?

BRIAN HARMAN: I hit first all week and I got up and kind of flared a 7iron up that plugged in the pine straw in the hazard. And then Patton got up and kind of flared an 8iron short right of the green and he chipped it up to probably 15 feet, I chipped it up to probably 12 feet, and then he missed and I made. That was a big point in the round because we just made a good par on 7 to kind of  because we played pretty well up until then and 7 we were kind of all over the place.

PATTON KIZZIRE: We turned back into the wind. The first several holes were downwind and we turned back into the wind and it got really tough. Although Gary made a holeinone on what was it, 5? That was ridiculous. Once you turned back into the wind on 5, it got a little tougher this last round and we definitely had to battle, and luckily we got through it.

Q. And then you said a couple times this week that you guys played some golf together at Sea Island, right? How often 

BRIAN HARMAN: Well, we're never on the same team at home.

Q. You're playing against each other?

BRIAN HARMAN: We're always playing against each other. Actually, that probably helped us. Now we're fine like not hating each other when we're playing golf together. We're rooting for each other.

PATTON KIZZIRE: We're normally trying to get into each other's heads and this week he was nice to me, which was kind of weird.

BRIAN HARMAN: I was hoping I wasn't going to throw him for a loop.

Q. Who won when you were 12?

BRIAN HARMAN: I think there's a picture of him holding the firstplace trophy and me holding the secondplace trophy, but he was short and pudgy then.

PATTON KIZZIRE: At a young age I think I got him a few times, but there in our teens he had my number, but we had a lot of good matches.

Q. Where were you growing up then, what part of the country?

BRIAN HARMAN: I was in Savannah and he was in Tuscaloosa. We played each other in the POLO, the U.S. Junior, Southeastern Junior Golf Tour, AJGAs. Known each other for a long time.

DOUG MILNE: Patton, you've become the 12th player to win playing in your first start in the event. What was the word kind of leading up to it? What was kind of the selling point about deciding to play? What had you heard about this event?

PATTON KIZZIRE: I've heard so many good things about it, and watched it on TV. I just like to play golf. I've had a few weeks off and didn't really touch a club, and got down here and was excited to play.

Greg Norman, you know, he's such a legend and I've always wanted to play in his event. This was my first opportunity to do it, I wasn't going to pass it up.

Q. Questions for both you guys sort of pertaining to your individual seasons. You had kind of a funny season where you had the two early wins, and then I think you were the 30th guy, the last guy into the TOUR Champs. Can you describe sort of what that season was like, because you were riding high and then you were sort of scrambling to try to get to Atlanta. What is it about November, December, January that you seem to like so much?

PATTON KIZZIRE: Gosh, I don't know. There's something to it, I can't put my finger on it. Yeah, I mean, golf's kind of a game of runs. They say basketball's a game of runs, but I think golf's a game of runs for me. I just try to get hot and stay as hot as long as I can, and sometimes I'm out there trying to figure it out until I do and then try to get another run in me.

Q. And then Brian, what was the previous season like for you? I mean, when you're watching all these guys winning who haven't won in a while, led by Tiger and Phil, of course, but Kevin Na, Charley Howell, guys like that, is it encouraging  it hasn't been that long for you since you won the Wells Fargo, are you encouraged by that, or do you look at that and say, well, how come I'm not getting mine?

BRIAN HARMAN: I don't think you can look at it. Golf is such a personal journey. At the start of the year I had five or six chances to win kind of in a row and was playing some really good golf, just sort of took a breath and then all of a sudden found myself in contention to make the Ryder Cup. All that stuff just kind of overwhelmed me just a little bit and I just started pressing towards the end of the year. It was really nice. I played a little bit of decent golf at the end of the fall and it was nice to kind of reset. I got in this tournament last minute, so I've been kind of itching to get back and kind of get some good stuff going. It was really nice this week.

Q. For both of you, what type of reception do you think you'll get when you get back home?

BRIAN HARMAN: Hopefully, a tall cocktail when I get home.

PATTON KIZZIRE: Yeah, our friends and management team and everybody will be excited to see us. We'll enjoy ourselves. I'm sure we'll be hanging out this week, maybe get in the woods or go fishing or something. They'll be excited to see us.

BRIAN HARMAN: Who's boat are you going to fish on?


Q. Is that the program?

BRIAN HARMAN: Best boat's a friend's boat.

PATTON KIZZIRE: He bought a boat, and I called him and I said, "I heard I won a boat." No need to buy one if your buddy's got one.

Q. You've got to help out and do some of the work, right?

BRIAN HARMAN: He's only got to help me clean it afterwards.

Q. What are you getting, bass or 

BRIAN HARMAN: We'll catch reds or trouts this time of year.

Q. Who's the better fisherman?

BRIAN HARMAN: Freshwater, he's probably got my number, but saltwater, it's not a competition.

PATTON KIZZIRE: Yeah, I grew up inland in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, so we didn't have a lot of saltwater around. He grew up in the marsh, out on the ocean, he's diving for lobsters and catching all kinds of fish. I have to pick his brain a little bit.

Q. You were a late commit to this event.

BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, I got in  Davis Love was originally going to play with Patton and he pulled out, so I got in.

Q. Worked well. Maybe you should play again next year?

BRIAN HARMAN: Maybe. Hope so.

DOUG MILNE: Well, guys, congratulations. Thanks for the time.