Second Round Interview: Emiliano Grillo & Graeme McDowell
December 8, 2018

Q. Snuck into tied for the lead. What did it take today in modified alternate shot?

GRAEME McDOWELL: We both played really solidly today. Emiliano's partner actually showed up today. I felt a little bit more comfortable on the golf course today and I hit a few good shots. We made a couple mistakes. You know, I missed it from about four feet on the third hole and left Emiliano 10 feet coming back for the par, which 

EMILIANO GRILLO: It was a bit more.

GRAEME McDOWELL: All right, 12 feet. You know, we're disappointed with the slow finish today, but we both played really well again, and looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow. I think if we continue to play this way, we've got a great chance.

Q. What is it like playing with Graeme? You've never had an opportunity to play this much with him in all these different formats. He's a fun guy, so what has this experience been like for you?

EMILIANO GRILLO: Definitely. Like we said it yesterday, we try to play last year, it took us a year longer, but we're here. We're enjoying, we're having a lot of fun, and we're contending for a trophy, so that's key out here when you're trying to play.

Q. Is there anything in your game that either of you are working on right now? Is this an opportunity to kind of test out different equipment?

GRAEME McDOWELL: No different equipment in the bag for me, just redone a new Srixon deal, so I'm excited to be with them going forward. I kind of started working on some offseason technique last week, and it's kind of been a scrambling week for me trying to get back to just play mode a little bit. So kind of, hence, why I struggled a little bit earlier in the week. I managed to get it going today.

Q. And you've been playing so much as of recent. I know you took the last two weeks off, but what's happening with your game right now?

EMILIANO GRILLO: I've been trying to work on the areas that I haven't done well this year; short game is one of them. It's been good. Been hitting it well the last two months. I didn't hit it well all year and then I started hitting well after Napa and something clicked in there. So now I'm just working on the short game, and if I can put all the pieces together, it's going to be a good year.

Q. Going into the last round tied for the lead, what was going so well for you today?

GRAEME McDOWELL: We just both continued to play solid. Emi played fantastic yesterday and I struggled a little bit. A little bit of late range work last night and I managed to clean it up and play a bit better today.

You know, I think we're both just playing really solidly, seeing the greens well, putting well, and I think that's really been the big key to the last two days. We've really rolled it quite well on the greens, which you have to do in this format. Obviously you must make putts.

Q. And the uniform is working nicely. What's in store for tomorrow?

EMILIANO GRILLO: Come and see us tomorrow.

GRAEME McDOWELL: Hopefully not waterproofs.

Q. You came close last year in this event with a different partner, Shane Lowry. What have you learned from that, if anything?

GRAEME McDOWELL: I think I've had a couple of seconds at this event. I need to look back at the record books. But I finished second here last year, and I'm pretty sure I've been close a couple of other times as well.

So better ball format tomorrow, like I say, I feel like we're both playing solidly, so it's back to all the thoughts of two balls in play at all times in better ball. Give yourself two looks at everything.

Hopefully this weather can behave itself tomorrow and we can get out there and get 18 holes in and really try and contend in this tournament.

Q. Emiliano, what are you looking for tomorrow? How do you change the way

EMILIANO GRILLO: We're definitely looking for a lot of birdies tomorrow.

GRAEME McDOWELL: 59 gets it done again.

EMILIANO GRILLO: Yeah, definitely. You never know. Somebody can run off and make 15 birdies and run off with the tournament, so we're going to try to do that tomorrow.

GRAEME McDOWELL: The key tomorrow is not to birdie the same hole. If we're going to make six each, we don't want to make six on the same hole.

EMILIANO GRILLO: I'll let you know which ones I'm going to birdie and which ones 

Q. You get that figured out tonight.