Final Round Interview: Tony Finau & Lexi Thompson
December 9, 2018

Q. One shot better in this format today than you did last year, and you seemed to get it going there on the back.


Q. Just your thoughts on the day and your finish?

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah. Well, I didn't know that, so we're improving. No, it was a tough day out there. It was super windy, and then the little bit of rain that came in. But Tony played great. I knew I was just going to be making pars out there. Had a few good par saves and a birdie on the back nine there on 17, but he did as well.

It's a great format. I was just happy I was able to play my own ball out so just the pressure was on me and not on both of us. It was just a great event once again.

TONY FINAU: Yeah, it was a great goround. We definitely picked it up on the back, that was nice. We were 


TONY FINAU: Yeah, we were kind of coasting there for a little bit, but we made a nice run toward the end and some respectable birdies. It's always fun playing with Lexi, had another great time this year. I think we improved on last year on our overall score in our play today. Overall, I think we're both better players than we were last year and just fun being here in this event. It was fun to watch Luke those last nine holes. I don't know if people were 

LEXI THOMPSON: Unbelievable.

TONY FINAU: paying attention, he shot 9 under on the last nine on his own ball. I mean, that's like really impressive. To be able to watch that is pretty cool. They played well. Looks like they might have a chance to win, maybe a playoff, but it was fun to be out there today and play.

Q. Last thing, the family dynamic, how did that all turn out? Did Curtis behave himself enough?

LEXI THOMPSON: As far as you say behaving, Curtis was Curtis. There was no holding back, no filter, but he'll keep you laughing.

TONY FINAU: He's got a fun energy about him, and my cousin as well, so it was great to have both of them out there. I think we enjoyed the week.


TONY FINAU: We played some good golf and enjoyed the week.

Q. We're with Lexi Thompson and Tony Finau, and you can just see that you two enjoy playing with each other. You're the only female to play in this tournament multiple times. How rewarding is that?

LEXI THOMPSON: It's very rewarding. It's a huge honor just to be invited back to this event from Greg, and it's a great event. I grew up with two older brothers, so playing with the guys, it's pretty remarkable. Just to watch their games and the shots that they can hit, it's impressive.

To play with Tony, he hits it forever off the tee, and so straight. I was just kind of learning out there. Just playing my own game, but still learning at the same time.

Q. Speaking of your brothers, Curtis is on your bag, and you have your cousin, Garrett. What have they been talking about out there? I know your cousin plays minitour events. What's been the dynamic out there?

TONY FINAU: Yeah, they both have great energy, so they kept the mood light for us, and just a family atmosphere was pretty cool for both of us. I think we're both very family oriented, so having our relatives out there with us is a lot of fun. We enjoyed it, and being together again this year and played some good golf and had some great company.