Second Round Interview: Tony Finau & Lexi Thompson
December 8, 2018

Q. In a modified alternate shot, it's not exactly easy to get into a rhythm, so explain how that dynamic worked out there today.

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it's tough. I'm happy it was modified alternate, so I did get to hit a few of his tee shots, even though we took his on every hole. I think he missed about one fairway out there, he played some great golf.

But it is tough to get into a rhythm because you hit the drives, and then I think he putted on every hole. Then I would get a putt into like the 11th hole out there, it was like my first putt. It is, it's tough to get a rhythm, but we played both really well. We just missed a few putts on both sides, but definitely not complaining.

Q. Lexi has plenty of distance herself, but there was a funny exchange that happened on the 18th hole with your group. Tell us what happened.

TONY FINAU: I don't know if you guys caught it. We were on 18. All day Charley was probably outdriving Lexi by 10, 15 yards. Finally get on 18 and they both pound one, Lexi and Charlie pound one down there. Charley just walks pass Lexi's ball as if, "Hey, I already know I outdrove her." I kind of yell at him, "Charley, do you want me to pick your ball up?" I was standing by Lexi's ball, and he starts rushing his ball. He looks back and just starts shaking his head. That was quite a funny exchange. He's a great sport, and obviously he and Gary played some good golf today, that was fun to watch.

And always fun to play with her. I hit a lot of fairways today, but it's a lot  it's really nice when she's always in play. I know I have a second shot no matter what, so I just pull the big stick out and let 'er rip. We had a lot of fun out there today. Some putts didn't go our way, but look forward to teeing it up with her tomorrow.

Q. If I remember right, you guys played well in the Sunday format last year and got up there and finished fourth. How much does that help you going into tomorrow, because obviously you've got some ground to make up?

TONY FINAU: Yeah, you know, there's a lot of good teams out here and guys that are capable of making birdies, and that's all we're going to try to do tomorrow. I think we both are birdie machines when it comes to making birdies on our tours, so we'll be looking to making some birdies tomorrow and see if we can make a run.

But overall it's been a real fun week just to be with her again, and to see her play, you know, it's really amazing. So I've really enjoyed it and look forward to just getting out there and competing with her tomorrow.

Q. You guys said you played pretty well today, just didn't get any putts to drop. Does that help you also going into tomorrow that you guys maybe just didn't get into a rhythm today, but you can just kind of pick that up and carry that over to tomorrow?

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, exactly. We just didn't have a few of those putts drop when we needed to, but we both played good golf, so we'll just take that into tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn't rain too much and we get some good weather. You know, it's just a great event in general, and it's a huge honor to be here. Like I said, hopefully we play some good golf tomorrow, but either way we'll enjoy it.