Pre-Tournament Interview: Cameron Champ & Kevin Kisner
December 5, 2018

DOUG MILNE: Kevin Kisner, Cameron Champ, thanks for joining us for a few minutes here at the QBE Shootout, playing your first time together as a team. On the way in all I heard was, "I met him in Mexico." Talk a little bit how you guys came to be.

KEVIN KISNER: Well, obviously we're with the same agency and I've heard a lot of about him, and who hasn't when you look at the driving distance and other things. But yeah, he was laying on the table in Mexico and I asked him if he was the little guy everybody's taking about hitting it so far, and he started laughing, wondering who the redneck was talking to him.

We're looking forward to the week and it's going to be fun to play with him. And I feel like an old guy, a little veteran mentorship. I'll do all the trash talking, let his game do the talking.

Q. A couple comments from you, Cameron; is that accurate?

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, it was very accurate. I was just laying on the table kind of with my head down and who was that? Yeah, definitely looking forward to the week. It's a good mix game-wise, so we're looking forward to it.

DOUG MILNE: Does the course suit your game? You've both been out seeing the course. Does it set up well for you?

KEVIN KISNER: It sets up really well for me, especially with Cameron's drive.

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, I mean, depending on the formats, I can be aggressive. If Kiz hits in the fairway, I can just kind of bomb drivers up and try to give us wedges. If not, we still have a shot in the fairway. It's just going to depend on the formats and kind of how we go about things, but we'll see.

KEVIN KISNER: The plan is for me to hit first and hit it in the fairway, then let him have fun.

Q. Cam, what has this last little stretch been like after you won at Sanderson and then ended up back-to-back top-10s in the last four starts? You were on the cover of a magazine. It's kind of been a rapid rise for you. Explain how you've dealt with it mentally, emotionally and all of the above.

CAMERON CHAMP: I've definitely dealt with it good. Obviously Sanderson, like I've said, it wasn't unexpected but it came a little earlier than I thought it would. I think like last year really helped me coming out here, so like I said, I feel comfortable. I kind of expect things, or stuff isn't unexpected I guess you can say. I just dealt with it nicely. Just kind of I deal with it and it just kind of goes away. I feel like last year I really matured as a player, as a person, and deal with things a lot better definitely than I would have in the past. I just feel like I was just prepared for it all.

Q. You've heard one of the reactions of a fellow Tour player about your distance. What other reactions have you had out on Tour so far from other players?

CAMERON CHAMP: I mean, everyone knows I hit it far. I mean, now I'm just -- I don't know. I mean, I've just heard it so much, so it just kind of really goes in one ear and out the other now. Again, I try to work on other parts of my game, which is to me more important. Obviously driving is a huge aspect to it, but at this point I just try to block it out.

Q. Kiz, where are you with your game coming off the season you're just coming off of, and what does it do for you to get into a team event like this? You looked like you had a lot of fun playing with Phil at Liberty National. What does it do for you to play that type of golf?

KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, I took a bunch of time off after the Playoffs. I only played two times this fall, Mexico and Sea Island. I love this event because the weather's not great at home and it's a good way to come down and get in better weather and not have such a long break. I use this as kind of prep for '19, working on some things.

Then you have a team event. The team aspect is great for me because the camaraderie, it's not as stressful, we can go have fun. And to have a partner like him is going to be awesome, he's one of the hottest players in the world. So I'll just be riding his shoulders and be the best cheerleader in the world.

Q. You guys aren't going to do any dance or anything, right?

KEVIN KISNER: No dancing. That's all your boy Phil. I just went along with it for the team. We'll have some -- I'll let -- he's the young dude, he probably knows more stuff about it than me. He'll come up with something, handshake or something for us. When I start knocking some putts in, we'll have a good time.

Q. Is there anything that you want to learn from Kevin since he is kind of the veteran here and getting an opportunity to be this close to him as a partner?

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah. I think just how he goes about things, how he approaches a course, because obviously, like you say, we kind of play two different games. If I could have his wedge game and putting, who knows. If he could have my length.

So it's like two separate games, but I can learn how he does things, how he flights shots or approaches certain shots into holes. That stuff I've kind of always paid attention to, kind of the weakness in my game, with other guys out here. Just sometimes if I practice for a while on the range, I'll just kind of watch them and just kind of how they just kind of go about things in general. That's kind of what I've been doing.

Q. Anything you hope to learn?

KEVIN KISNER: I don't think I'm going to gain any more speed at my age, but I always enjoy the competitiveness of the young guys that are coming out. I love watching how intense they are and how much more mature they are at a young age than I was. There was no way I could be sitting in this chair at 23 and doing what he's doing. I love that aspect of it. I got plenty of things that he doesn't want to learn, so we're going to try to keep those away from him.

DOUG MILNE: On that note, we will let you guys go. Kevin, Cameron, thanks for joining us.