CureSearch for Children’s Cancer continues to be the QBE Shootout’s primary charitable beneficiary. Since 1989, the Shootout has raised more than $14 million for Curesearch and other charitable causes.

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer

About CureSearch for Children’s Cancer

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer is a national non-profit foundation that accelerates the search for cures for children’s cancer by driving innovation, transcending research barriers and solving the field’s most challenging problems. We fight every day to make treatments and cures possible for the 43 children diagnosed with cancer each day.

We do this in three ways:

  • We accelerate the search for cures by posing essential challenges to scientists and inviting teams to overcome them with innovative research approaches.
  • We transcend the barriers of a broken research system by establishing new pathways to end children’s cancer.
  • We provide resources and education, so no child faces a cancer diagnosis without a fully equipped support team.
Childhood cancer honoree, Kyle Lograsso, with Tournament Host Greg Norman.


Our mission is to end childhood cancer by driving targeted and innovative research with measurable results in an accelerated time frame.

Research Vision

Our research vision is to improve childhood cancer treatment and cures to deliver the potential for childhood cancer patients to lead long, healthy lives.

Help Make a Cure Possible

CureSearch raises funds through philanthropic donations from individuals, special events, corporations, private foundations, sponsorships, and cause marketing. We sponsor CureSearch Superheroes Unite! events and Ultimate Hike events throughout the country to encourage individuals to support our mission. We also provide CureSearch Challenge opportunities for those who are interested in meeting personal fitness goals while helping to end children’s cancer, and CureSearch Gold events for people and organizations interested in holding their own online or in-person fundraising events to benefit CureSearch. Learn more about how to partner with us to find cures!

More Information

At CureSearch, we are fighting for the future every child deserves and every parent dreams their child will have. Accelerate the search. End childhood cancer. Join CureSearch today. Please contact us at 800-458-6223 or online at to learn more.